Ice Cream Recipe – Banana & Chocolate

Ice Cream Recipe – Banana & Chocolate

Banana & Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe:

Ice Cream is a wonderful frozen dessert.

There are so many varieties and flavours.

I show you a very easy recipe and how you can make this amazing ice cream without having to use an ice cream maker.

The method for making this ice cream is very easy and it doesn’t involve using eggs. But in this particular ice cream recipe there is no need for eggs, making the process a bit easier.

So I have decided to share a banana & chocolate flavour ice cream recipe with you that is vary simple to make. It is extremely flavoursome and this banana & chocolate frozen dessert has an amazing texture too. Enjoy making and eating this beautiful banana & chocolate ice cream.

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4 – 6 people


Great For:
dessert OR snack


Cooking Time:
5 mins prep & 5 hours freeze


Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

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  • 2 medium or 1 large banana
  • 100g chocolate chips
  • 250ml fresh cream
  • 1 tin of condensed milk – 376g tin
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla essence
  • 100g bar of milk chocolate

Banana & Chocolate Ice Cream – Method & Instructions

Chop banana into pieces about half an inch thick.

Put chopped banana into the food processor.

Pour the fresh cream in with the banana.

Add the tin of condensed milk into the food processor too.

The vanilla essence needs to be added and then give the mixture a blast in the food processor for a few minutes.

Your chocolate form the chocolate bar needs to be broken up and added to the mixture in the food processor.

Give the whole thing another quick blast in the food processor. You don’t have to do this for too long as you want some big pieces of chocolate as well as small pieces mixed in.

If you don’t have a food processor, then it can be made by hand in a mixing bowl.

You would just need to mush up the banana with a fork and cut the chocolate up with a knife or a pair of scissors.

Take the blade out of the food processor and then pour your mixture into a container.

A tip would be to put the container into the freezer a few hours before or even the night before.

By putting your the creamy mixture into a very cold container, it would start to freeze quicker.

Into your ice cream mixture in the container you need to add the chocolate chips and mix it with a spoon.

The containers with the ice cream mixture will now need to go in the freezer.

Take out the container of your wonderful frozen dessert an hour later and mix well with a fork. The edged parts will be freezing first so it is important to mix well. Making sure the parts on the edge go into the middle and vice versa.

Keep stirring every hour.

Your frozen ice cream dessert will be fully ready in about 5 hours depending on your freezer.

To help dish up your yummy banana & chocolate ice cream more easily, it is a good idea to put your scoop in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes before using.

This allows your scoop to get nice and hot and this makes it so much easier to scoop up.

When you have served your ice cream, a good touch would be to crumble a flake over the top and then place a bit of the flake into it for decoration and of course as an additional little treat. MMmmmmm!!!!

A wonderful frozen ice cream dessert to be enjoyed, so I hope you have enjoyed this recipe.

For more recipes do browse through the blogs and enjoy.

Happy Cooking


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Muffin Recipe – Chocolate Chip Muffin

Muffin Recipe – Chocolate Chip Muffin

How To Make Chocolate Chip Muffin:

Muffin is a popular baking dish. A muffin is always well received with a nice cup of tea or coffee to go with it.

This recipe I show you is made with chocolate chips but of course you don’t have to add the chocolate chips. It is perfectly ok to have a plain muffin.

Personally though I love them with the chocolate chips, it gives that wonderful crunchiness to the texture of the soft muffin.

Please do give this recipe a try and if you want other dessert recipes then take a look at the dessert recipe blogs.

Happy browsing through the LifeStyle With Sharon website.

10 muffins


Great For:
snack OR dessert


Cooking Time:
30 minutes


Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

Watch on YouTube: Click Here.


  • 80g butter
  • 160g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 250g self raising flour
  • ½ cup milk
  • 100g chocolate chips

Chocolate Chip Muffin – Method & Instructions

A trick that I always do which makes the creaming of the butter and sugar a bit easier is I heat the bowl up first. You heat it by placing it over a pot of hot water for a few minutes.

Then you put the butter and sugar in the mixing bowl. It is best to use butter that is room temperature. Using butter that has been left out of the fridge for a while so it is not rock hard is much easier to work with.

Cream the butter and sugar together with an electric whisk or stand mixer or with a wooden spoon if you are making by hand.

Add eggs to the butter and sugar mixture. Mix with either a wooden spoon or mixer.

Put vanilla extract in the bowl.

Salt then needs to be added too.

Sieve ¾ of the flour into the bowl.

Fold the flour into the wet muffin mixture gently with a spatula until all the flour is not visible.

It is normal that the muffin mixture will be very thick at this stage.

Pour in milk and gently mix.

The consistency will change from being very thick to a much smoother mixture.

Rest of the flour is then added to the bowl and mixed gently until all the flour has disappeared.

Your chocolate chips if using them will be added to the muffin mixture and gently mixed in.

Let the mixture rest for 10 – 15 minutes

While the muffin mixture is resting, this is the time to pre-heat the oven.

Heat the oven to Gas 7 / 220°C / 425°F

After the muffin mixture has rested you fill the muffin cake cases. A good measurement would be one ice-cream scoop per muffin cake case. If you don’t have an ice-cream scoop then fill with 2 tbsp of muffin mix. Place the muffin cake cases onto a muffin tin.

Place in the oven and bake for 20 – 25 minutes.

Let them cool for 5 minutes before taking the cake cases off so the muffin doesn’t stick to the paper.

Enjoy your muffin with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Hope you liked the recipe and give it a try.

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How to Make Flapjacks – Recipe

How to Make Flapjacks – Recipe

How to Make Flapjacks:

Flapjacks Recipe

How to make flapjacks with LifeStyle With Sharon.

This flapjack recipe is amazing.

The ingredients and their quantities ensure a wonderful flavour and the right texture.

A great flapjack recipe to follow. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

These particular flapjacks are so simple to make.

Once you try these flapjacks, you will want to share this recipe with your friends and family.

They will love you if you made some of these flapjacks when they came over for a cup of tea or coffee.

You can have the flapjacks with or without chocolate. And if you decide to decorate them with chocolate you can get your creative side going and have loads of fun coming up with design ideas.

For more great dessert recipes browse the dessert blogs and see what you fancy trying.

12 flapjacks


Great For:
dessert or snack


Cooking Time:
30 minutes


Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

Watch on YouTube: Click Here.


  • 300g butter
  • 200g soft brown sugar
  • 4 tbsp golden syrup (or maple syrup or honey)
  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 500g porridge oats
  • 1 or 2 bars of chocolate

Flapjacks – Method & Instructions


Pre-heat oven – Gas 5 / 190°C / 375 °F

Melt butter in a pot

Add sugar to the melted butter

Add syrup (stand your spoon in a cup of hot water so the spoon gets hot. It helps syrup come off the spoon)

Add condensed milk

Cook on a medium heat

When it starts to boil cook for 1 minute

In a large bowl put in porridge oats

Pour your toffee mixture into the bowl of porridge oats and mix well with a wooden spoon making sure all porridge oats are covered with the mixture

Put greaseproof paper onto a baking tin

Pour flapjack mixture into baking tin and spread to about 2 inches thick

Place in the oven for 15 – 20 minutes

When it comes out the oven cut into squares of individual portions while it is still warm

Let the flapjacks cool for at least 15 minutes before eating

You can of course eat the flapjacks like this or you can put melted chocolate on them

Melt your chocolate of choice on a bain-marie (pot of hot water with bowl over the hot water and place chocolate in bowl)

Once the chocolate has melted use a tablespoon to spread the chocolate on the flapjacks

See the YouTube video for ideas of how to decorate your flapjacks with chocolate

If you have the patience at this stage you can let chocolate harden but if like me you can’t wait just eat and enjoy as they are

Have fun making your flapjacks and enjoy eating them

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