Crepe Recipe with Fruit & Chocolate Filling

Crepe Recipe with Fruit & Chocolate Filling

Crepe Recipe with Fruit & Chocolate Filling:

A crêpe is a very thin type of pancake.

This crêpe recipe is fun to make and tastes delicious.

For this blog I have chosen to show you the crêpe filled with delightful white chocolate coupled with some berries.

I went with strawberries and blueberries. You can of course choose your favourites. Blackberries and raspberries are a nice combination too with the white chocolate or all four fruits.

If you didn’t fancy any fruit then it is yummy with just the white chocolate inside.

This pancake or crêpe recipe with fruit is perfect for breakfast, or a snack or a dessert. Just whenever you fancy it, have it.

The crêpe takes no time at all to do and tastes amazing.

What a fun way to have fruit, having it with a crêpe and some white chocolate.

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About 15 Crêpes


Great For:
Dessert OR Breakfast


Cooking Time:
30 mins


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Watch on YouTube: Click Here.


  • 150g plain (all purpose) flour
  • 1tsp sugar
  • 300ml milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 packet of white chocolate chips
  • Icing Sugar for decoration
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Butter for frying
  • A White Chocolate Bar
  • Tub of Whipped Cream

Crepe Recipe – Method & Instructions

Crêpe Preparation

Weigh out your flour and place in a bowl.

Whisk up the eggs in cup or bowl.

Measure out the milk in a jug.

Grate your white chocolate and put in a bowl ready for use in your crepe later. (Yes you might sneak a bit to test it)

Cut up your fruit.

Into the bowl of flour, add your whisked eggs.

Pour in half the milk and whisk.

Add your sugar and then the other half of the milk and whisk.

Be careful when adding the milk as it can splash. Start slow then once combined you can whisk quickly.

Let the batter mix rest for five minutes.

If you mix well, hopefully you won’t get any lumps. But if you do, you can put the crepe batter mix through a sieve. This will give your crepe batter a nice smooth texture.

The crepe batter mix is meant to be quite runny, unlike when you make pancakes. Pancake mixture is meant to be thick and the crepe batter is meant to be thin.

Time To Cook The Crêpe

Melt a small bit of butter in a frying pan or a crêpe pan.

It is best if your pan is hot before adding the butter.

Spread the butter over the pan.

Take the pan off the heat.

Get approximately a ¼ cup of the crêpe batter mixture and pour into the centre of the pan.

Swirl the batter around the pan to even out the mixture to cover the whole base, then place back on the heat.

When you see the edges curl up then your crêpe is ready to flip or turn.

Cook the second side for a few more minutes until browned then turn or flip your crêpe again.

Sprinkle 3 – 4 tablespoons of gtated white chocolate all over the crepe while it is still in the pan.

The chocolate will start to melt. At this point if you want to just have the chocolate and no fruit just fold over and then fold again so you are left with a triangle shape.

If however you are having the fruit, then once the white chocolate is starting to melt take it out the pan and place on a plate.

Put some fruit on the crêpe and fold the crêpe whichever way you want. Watch the video for a couple of suggestions.

Dust over the crêpe with some icing sugar by placing the icing sugar in a sieve and tap the edge of the sieve above the crêpe.

Place a dollop of cream at the side of the crêpe along with some fruit and a handful of white chocolate chips.

Serve up your beautiful crêpe and enjoy.

Happy Cooking


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