Breakfast – How important is it

Breakfast – How important is it

Breakfast – How important is it?

Breakfast is an important part of the day. We all get told that but how important is it?

Think about it when you get up in the morning. And ask yourself – “How long has it been since I last ate any food”?

For instance if you get up at 7.30am and the evening before you had dinner at 6pm, that is 12 and half hours without food. It is a long time.

So naturally after your body has been working while you sleep to replenish you and look after you, maybe you should say thanks to your body, by now giving it a well earned breakfast.

If a colleague or friend worked hard all night, would you expect them to go without food? Of course not, so think of YOUR BODY as your friend or colleague. It deserves to be given some respect, love and care. YOU deserve respect, love and care.

I know you may have heard this cliché before about ‘You wouldn’t let your car run on empty’, but yet lots of us still do let our own bodies run on empty.

It maybe a habit we have developed or perhaps we don’t allow enough time to sit and have breakfast. Or have never taken the time to think about how important breakfast is and why we need it.


Fuel Choices

for your Body


1st Choice
No Breakfast


2nd Choice
Junk Food 


3rd Choice
Healthy Breakfast


Fuel Choices

for your CAR


1st Choice
No Fuel


2nd Choice
 Wrong Fuel


3rd Choice
Healthy Fuel


I Have No Time For Breakfast

How many of us press snooze on the alarm a few times, them eventually jump out of bed and then rush around (ON EMPTY), and then wonder why the morning doesn’t go smoothly. And then say “I have no time for breakfast”.

Then rush to work and try and function on complete empty and then at the break time grab the quickest sugary snack like chocolate or a quick releasing carbohydrate food like a croissant or scone. Or stop in a drive through and grab any junk food and eat it as we are driving to work.

When working remotely from home it is very easy to sit at the computer and get on with your emails or your zoom meetings but how good is your concentration? Are you as fully present in your zoom meeting as you could be? Does that cup of coffee really keep your body and brain working at its optimum?

Those stay at home parents may collapse when they get in from dropping the kids at school and wonder why they feel tired, have no or low energy and lack motivation and enthusiasm. Or on the way back from the school, stop somewhere and grab a coffee and bun on the go. I am sure there are lots of scenarios I could give as examples.

BUT have we really no time for breakfast? Is that really true?

Time To Try Out A NEW Morning & Breakfast Routine

How good do we feel by getting up at the last minute and rushing? Maybe it is time to try something new.

I know the thought of getting up earlier might be awful in your head, but go on, give it a go. The benefits might surprise you.

Try getting up half an hour earlier. Don’t snooze that alarm. Get up as soon as the alarm goes off.

Enjoy sitting (yes actually sitting) and be mindful of your surroundings. And I don’t mean the floor that needs to be cleaned and the washing that needs to be done. I mean look out the window. Admire the colours in the sky. Listen to the sounds around you. Close your eyes and take in the smell of your coffee or tea. Notice your breathing. Relaxing isn’t it. Now that you are relaxed and had your coffee or tea, it is time to eat and reward your body. Click here for a relaxation maditation.

Try Something New and Surprise Yourself

This maybe new to you and you may not feel like eating a breakfast at first so just try eating something small if you can’t face a big breakfast. Try having a piece of fruit, a yogurt and/or a bit of toast. Of course if you want a more substantial breakfast then have that.

Cereals that are slow releasing like muesli or porridge are a great slow releasing energy food, which are really good for us. Preventing the urge to snack on rubbish and will keep the concentration and energy levels good for longer to really help us have a good day. The added benefit is, our Pancreas loves slow releasing food, helping prevent diabetes.

There are so many things you can do with egg. I love a hashbrown and scrambled egg. If you decide to make your own hashbrowns and freeze a big batch then it is so simple to take them out the freezer and cook them when needed.

Homemade Hashbrown – Great for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

For to watch the video on how to make a delicious homemade hashbrown click HERE.

This homemade hashbrown recipe can be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are versatile and can be ate on their own or with something. By adding a few special ingredients like I have, they tast amazing. Go on try cooking these and see which is your favourite. Personally I love all three and don’t have a favourite. I hope you enjoy the recipe for a homemade hashbrown.

Making breakfast doesn’t take long and of course by getting up that half hour earlier you are not in a rush. Be mindful when you are eating and enjoy each mouthful and savor the taste of each bite. Eating mindfully is great as your calming the mind and physically looking after your body too. Now you are relaxed and have fuel in your body and are ready for your day ahead with optimal concentration and energy.

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Take care and enjoy your day.

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