How to make Coleslaw – Homemade:

Coleslaw is delicious when it is homemade. Often people tell me how tasty and delicious my homemade coleslaw is.

If I visit friends and family sometimes I would bring some with me and they love it.

Homemade Coleslaw just goes with so many things. I love having it with homemade onion rings, homemade pies, and a steak or with chicken and many other things.

Some other suggestions that this gorgeous coleslaw would be nice with and I have recipes to show you is Jacket Potato, Homemade Cheese Burger, Stuffed Chicken Breast with Cheese & Ham, Veggie Fingers and individual Mini Chicken Pie.

Make sure you browse through the website to find more fabulous recipes like the homemade quiche, homemade mini chicken pie or the vegetarian scotch egg and lots more recipes for home cooking.

It is an amazing accompaniment to a main course, or as part of a salad or in a sandwich, panini, bagel or roll.

This recipe is extremely versatile. This homemade version can be adapted to make various types.

I have given you the basic recipe and also highlighted some other ways you can adapt the coleslaw by adding different ingredients to the basic mixture.

You may think of another variation. Perhaps you might decide to put pineapple in it or something else.

I would love to hear your comments on what ones you have tried. What have been your favourites? And if you have come up with a different ingredient to add to the basic coleslaw then let me know in the comments.

I really recommend you try making this recipe. You will love it.

Enjoy making and tasting this wonderful coleslaw recipe.

2 adults


Great For:
as part of a dinner or lunch


Cooking Time:
5 mins


Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

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Ingredients for Basic Coleslaw

  • 80g cabbage – red or white or both
  • 80g carrot
  • 10g onion – red onion is best (optional)
  • 2 large heaped tbsp mayonnaise (you may need more when adding additional ingredients
  • salt & pepper

Additional Ingredients for other types

  • For Cheese – 80g cheedar cheese
  • For Sultana – 30g sultana
  • For Apple – 80g red apple 
  • For Fruity – 30g sultana & 80g red apple

How to make coleslaw – homemade

Method & Instructions 

Cut cabbage into ¼ inch slices then cut into chunky squares

Grate the carrot

Dice onion finely

Season with salt & pepper (optional)

Mix it well in a bowl

Add mayonnaise and mix well

Serve and enjoy

Or you can try the following variations of coleslaw:

  • For cheese coleslaw add 80g of cheddar cheese and mix well to the basic coleslaw mixture
  • For sultana coleslaw add 30g of sultana to the basic mixture and mix well
  • For a sweet apple coleslaw add 80g of apple – red is best

Core the apple or cut apple into four and cut out pips

Keeping the skin on is best and if you use a red apple it adds a vibrant colour

Dice the apple into small cubes

Add the basic mixture and mix well

  • For a fruity one add 30g sultana and 80g apple to the basic mixture and mix well
  • You can add 80g of cheese to the sultana one, or the apple, or the fruity coleslaw

Have fun with making yours and experiment as I did. But if you decide to just try making the basic one, then I can assure you there is nothing basic about the flavour.

You won’t ever buy a shop one again after you try this homemade version.

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