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My Mission is to provide my readers with recipes that can be easily used in any home kitchen.

You don’t need an industrial celebrity kitchen and fancy equipment to create delicious home cooked-nutritious and fresh food for yourself or your family.

As you will see from my demonstration videos I cook in just your regular type kitchen – with nothing fancy – and you can do it too with just a little guidance!.

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Chicken Stew

Chicken Stew Recipe: Chicken stew is a nice tasty meal that warms us up on those cold days. A chicken stew is full of flavour and goodness. It is a meal that will make us feel good. The beauty of a chicken stew is that it is great for a big family. Everyone can...

Chicken Stew Recipe

Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble Recipe: Apple Crumble is a classic simple dessert to make and yet extremely tasty. Of course you can vary the apple crumble up a bit by adding some pears with the apple. The topping for the apple crumble can be with or without oats and if you wanted...

apple crumble recipe - lifestylewithsharon
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Chicken Rice Salad

Chicken Rice Salad: Chicken Rice Salad is a wonderful colourful flavoursome and healthy salad dish to make. I show you a great recipe that looks and tastes beautiful. We can get fed up with thinking about what can we do for dinner tonight? And a healthy salad is a...

Chicken Rice Salad Recipe
BakingMain Courses

How To Make Cornish Pasty

How To Make Cornish Pasty: Cornish Pasty Fun Fact Cornish Pasty is traditionally a pie that the men working in the coal mines used to have for their lunch. The idea was that they could hold the thick crust of the cornish pasty with their dirty hands so they can eat...

How to make a traditional cornish pasty - lifestyle with sharon
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How To Make Vegetable Curry

How To Make Vegetable Curry: Vegetable curry is delicious. I love a curry and particularly love a vegetable curry. Most people do. It is a lot easier than you think to make your own curry. There are a lot of different ways of making a curry and there are so many...

Vegetable Curry Recipe
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How to Make a Cheese Burger

How to Make a Cheese Burger: A Homemade Cheese Burger  is something you need to know if you like burgers. A homemade burger is the best. Cheese burger is a delicious meal. This cheese burger recipe is so easy to make and extremely tasty. I show you two different...

how to make a cheese burger
Main Courses

Chicken Neapolitan Recipe Blog

Chicken Neapolitan Recipe: Chicken Neapolitan is a wonderful chicken dinner. My particular recipe for chicken Neapolitan comprises of large pieces of succulent chicken breasts infused with a really tasty tomato sauce and spaghetti pasta mixed in with the chicken...

Recipe Blog - Chicken Neapolitan - lifestyle with sharon
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Chicken Chow Mein – Recipe

Chicken Chow Mein: Chicken chow mein is a wonderful flavoursome dinner. And is so tasty and yummy. The beauty is it takes no time at all to cook. If you are a person going out for the day, just prepare your vegetables in the morning. Marinate your chicken the night...

Chicken Chow Mein Recipe
Main CoursesStarters

How To Make Minestrone Soup

How To Make Minestrone Soup: Minestrone Soup is a popular soup, traditionally an Italian recipe. It is full of delicious flavour and full of healthy nutrients. Because minestrone soup is slow releasing it keeps you full for longer. It is a wonderful meal to enjoy...

How To Make Minestrone Soup
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How To Make Carbonara Pasta

How To Make Carbonara Pasta: Carbonara pasta is a wonderful easy dish to cook. A perfect dish to make when you are limited for time is this classic Carbonara pasta as it is very quick to make. This Carbonara pasta recipe is traditionally made with pancetta but you...

How To Make Carbonara Pasta

How to Make Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding: Sticky toffee pudding is a wonderful rich dessert that I am pleased to be sharing this with you. Learn how to make this really yummy pudding. Sticky toffee pudding is a classic dessert recipe. There is no hiding the fact it is rich in foods...

sticky toffee pudding
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How to make veggie fingers

Veggie Fingers:   How to Make - Veggie Fingers Veggie fingers are a healthy food to have on your dinner plate. They are full of goodness and full of flavour. I am pleased to be sharing this recipe for veggie fingers with you. You don’t have to be a vegetarian...

how to make veggie fingers
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How to Make Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

How to Make Vegetarian Scotch Eggs This recipe for vegetarian scotch eggs is a very healthy and nutritious dish. Not only is it extremely flavoursome it is very satisfying and we stay satisfied for a long time because it releases slowly into the body, which keeps...

How to Make Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

How to Make Homemade White Bread

How to Make -Homemade White Bread:   Wow. I love homemade White Bread, freshly cooked bread. The smell as the bread is cooking just warms the heart and tickles the taste buds. Eating it warm just intensifies the flavour. Delicious on its own or with your...

Homemade White Bread

How to Make Drop Scones

How to Make - Drop Scones (mini pancakes):   How to Make Drop Scones: Drop Scones are so easy to make. It takes two minutes to prepare and two minutes to cook. The beauty of the drop scones is you can eat them by themselves or smother them with any of your...

How to Make Drop Scones

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