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About LifeStyle With Sharon

About LifeStyle With Sharon is the page that tells you about the company and what it is trying to acheive for people and how it first came about. And I disclose a little bit about who I am so you can understand why LifeStyle With Sharon came about.

In those times of the Covid pandemic birth, the world became a very different place as we all know.

Because the circumstances were so different and people found themselves at home more because they were not commuting long hours to work and were not going out socialising, we had to find new ways of filling the extra time we now had.

One of the things people were curious about was cooking at home. Many people were so used to eating out and were suddenly left at home and were left wondering “What do we do for dinner?”

People had more time at home and lots of people were of course finding curiosity to cook from scratch.

There has been a shift in mindset of people wanting to cook fresh food while they were stuck at home.

It became apparent how difficult it became for a person’s mental health.

And the media talked about one way to enhance our mental health, was to eat home cooked food.

Eating a balanced home cooked meal would be one way to combat helping to stay healthy, which was important during these difficult times.

Home cooked food that is not full of additives and preservatives is obviously a better choice.

How LifeStyle With Sharon Happened

For a while I had been thinking about passing on some recipes and sharing them with people. It was on my bucket list to write some recipes books. (The books are coming!)

However I was aware that people were at home and were interested immediately for trying out recipes and experimenting with cooking at home.

A friend of mine suggested “Why don’t you do some YouTube videos.” I thought “Why Not”. It would be fun to make food and share the experience with others.

So I did. Even though I didn’t have proper lighting or microphones, I thought I would just try filming one and putting it up and see what happened.

About LifeStyle With Sharon First Video

To my amazement the first LifeStyle With Sharon video on “How To Cut An Onion Without Crying” was a huge success. I used a rubbish phone and no equipement and people were asking what am I going to next.

I decided then to keep going and bought the necessary equipment and learned how to edit the YouTube videos. My YouTube videos have improved to high quality. But I wouldn’t have got that far, if weren’t for a friend saying “Just go for it”. And for me feeling the fear and doing it anyway was a challenging but rewarding time in my life.

The Name LifeStyle With Sharon

The name LifeStyle With Sharon came to me because I wanted it to be versatile. I wanted to share not only recipes but lifestyle tips on looking after our mental health as well as our physical health.

Sharing homemade recipes is wonderful because we know what is going into the food, it is fun trying new dishes and it is good for our mental health to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and try new things.

So what if some dished don’t turn out the first time, with a couple of practices your cooking will be great.

It is ok to make mistakes. Some of my mistakes, I have shared with you on some of my videos on my YouTube Channel. We are all human. In the YouTube videos, I am just myself, sharing some of my knowledge with others.

Also when you start making your own food, the flavour is just so much better than the ready-made meals and the smell from the kitchen is heavenly.

In the future I will also share some videos showing you some dance & exercise that is fun and not too serious.

Balance & Lifestyle

Our lifestyle should be about balance. Balance to me consists of eating healthy with some occasional not so healthy food. But even the rich indulgent recipes are not full of preservatives and additives and chemicals.

As well as a balanced diet, I believe some fun exercise is great for our physical and mental well being. Another part of a healthy lifestyle and looking after our mental health is meditation and positive affirmations. All of which will be here on this website and on my YouTube Channel.


healthy living & eating

What About LifeStyle With Sharon?

When I had to think of a name for the YouTube Channel, I thought

“What About LifeStyle With Sharon”

By asking a few friends and family – “What do you think about LifeStyle With Sharon”, it gave me the answer of the name was good. People loved the name LifeStyle With Sharon.

People were asking me – What About LifeStyle With Sharon Website too. So here it is.

Please enjoy browsing through my website. There are loads of recipes to choose from. Some things maybe new to you and some recipes you may know but I might show you a slightly different way to cook them. And I give little tips along the way too.

Lifestyle With Sharon wants to provide people with ideas and inspiration.

Many of you I am sure struggle with ideas for dinner sometimes.

Checking out this website will help with that block when you say “What can we do for dinner tonight?”

So now you know all about LifeStyle With Sharon.

I really enjoy cooking something new every week and sharing the recipes with you all. Hopefully giving you inspiration to try cooking from scratch.


Happy cooking

From Sharon

LifeStyle With Sharon

healthy living & eating

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A Bit About Me

I have extensive life experience and understand the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. I work very hard but also know how important it is to relax and enjoy life. I believe I have the correct balance. Having balance in life is so important but also I love to help others see how important it is to look after themselves too. Self-care is in the form of nutrition, exercise, emotional and mental well being. If I can help some people with a good balance of lifestyle, then that is always a good thing.


At present, I am training to be a Counsellor undertaking a bachelor’s honours degree in ‘Counselling with Addiction’. “I love the course and I am looking forward to being a qualified counsellor. I am passionate about being there for people who need help.”

Entertaining and cooking for guests, be it family, friends or business associates has always been a passion for me. Through the years I have worked in various catering establishments and have taken part in several courses involving Menu Planning, and Food and Nutrition and I have received distinctions.


I have been teaching dancing since I was 17 and now 50 plus so do the maths, a few years of experience. I taught dancing for a local council, dance schools and taught dance and exercise independently. For a few years, I had a dance and exercise business called Dance Fitness, where I choreographed routines, trained dance teachers to roll out the syllabus throughout various counties in Ireland.


As well as health, fitness and nutrition, I have volunteered over the years to give talks in Women’s Groups to help women with low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Helping to bring women together to support each other, I covered topics such as Mindfulness; Healthy Eating; Positive Affirmations; Building Self Esteem and Confidence; Personal Development; Positive Mental Health; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and much more.  

Sharon Fitzpatrick

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